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5 exercises to get a flat stomach
27 Jan' 21

5 exercises to get a flat stomach


 Whether you like it or not, most people start their fitness journey with the goal of losing belly fat.  

Who doesn't want a belly that is flat and toned? Having a toned stomach not only makes you look good, but it also boosts your confidence. Another advantage of mid-section toning is that it reduces the risk of chronic diseases linked to the accumulation of visceral fat in the mid-section. However, shedding fat, particularly from this area of the body, is not a simple task. According to studies, the last area to shed fat when you start exercising regularly is your abdominal. This process can be sped up by incorporating more core targeting exercises in your routine.



Here are 5 workouts that will help you acquire a flat stomach by targeting different muscle groups in your belly.  



Step 1: Sit with your palms by your sides and your legs stretched out in front of you on the floor. Maintain a straight line between your legs and keep them close together.  

Step 2: Squeeze your thighs and elevate your torso off the ground while balancing on your hands.  

Step 3: To keep your balance, bend your torso forward slightly.  

Step 3: Hold for a few seconds before returning to the beginning position. 



Step 1: Lie down on your back with your arms straight out in front of you. Maintain a close proximity to your ears with your hands.  

Step 2: Raise both of your legs at a 90-degree angle towards the ceiling. Raise your arms straight off the floor at the same time.  

Step 3: Make sure your hands and legs are parallel to your body.  

Step 4: Hold this position for a few seconds before slowly returning to the beginning location. 


Bear Crawl  

Step 1: Begin on all fours with your hips below your knees and your hands below your shoulders. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart and your legs hip-width apart.  

Step 2: Raise your knees slightly while keeping your back straight.  

Step 3: Taking one step forward with your left hand and right leg, then changing sides, take another step forward. 


Overheard circle 

Step 1: Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and both hands above your head, holding a medicine ball or dumbbell.  

Step 2: Spin the ball in a circle (beginning on the left side) while maintaining your balance and neutral spine.  

Step 3: Make an eight-circle pattern on one side, then repeat on the other. 


Standing side crunch  

Step 1: Place your hands behind your head and stand upright with your legs hip-width apart.  

Step 2: Shift your weight to your left leg, then crunch your right leg by pulling your knee up to your elbow on the left side (diagonally).  

Step 3: Return to the beginning position by lowering your right leg.  

Step 4: Repeat on the other side, in the opposite direction. 


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