Keeping back and shoulder pain at bay - Reasons and simple remedial measures!
27 Jan' 21

Keeping back and shoulder pain at bay - Reasons and simple remedial measures!


If you have ever had a bout of back or shoulder pain, you’re not alone. They are common complaints and almost everyone experiences at least once during their lifetime. Did you know that carrying your laptop bag to office everyday could put your shoulder on whack? Or wearing high heeled shoes could hurt your back? Or even watching TV lying on your couch could strain your back? All these seemingly insignificant everyday habits can take a big toll on your back/shoulder over time. 

Simple daily habits like lugging backpacks that are too heavy, carrying oversized handbags, wearing fashionable high-heeled shoes, hovering over your laptops, hunching to read the text message on your smartphones, sleeping in a wrong position and slouching in front of your computer can cause strain on your shoulder or back, leaving you vulnerable to pain. So to put an end to recurrent back or shoulder pain and prevent future agony let us try targeting the unexpected culprits.
Sitting too long: Simply a “just a desk job” can wreak havoc on your bodies? Sitting hunched in front of your computer is one of the worst things that you could do to your back.
Fix it: Get up and walk around for two minutes and try maintaining a ‘neutral spine position’ while sitting. Sit well back in your seat with feet planted firmly on the ground. Use only ergonomically designed furniture.
Wearing high heels/flats: Wearing high-heeled shoes for long periods can trigger pain from your knees all up the way to your back. Even going around in the wrong flats can be detrimental. 
Fix it: Make sure that the shoe you’re wearing holds your foot in place or rather stick to heels less than three inches high. Try wearing different shoes every day.
Carrying heavy bags: Carrying heavy laptop bags can place considerable strain on your shoulder muscles. 
Fix it: Try picking the smallest bag, switching sides, using two strap backpack or a bag with wheels.  You can also alternate shoulders so that each side gets rest for some time.
Sneezing or coughing: When we sneeze or cough our first instinct is to cover our face and turn away. This ‘instinctive turn’ could be bad for our shoulders or back. 
Fix it: If possible turn your whole body when you are about to sneeze or cough.
Hovering over your smartphones: You head-down position to look into your smartphones or laptops can strain your neck and extend way back to your shoulders or back. 
Fix it: Take frequent screen breaks and try to look straight ahead rather hunched down at your screen. 
A hectic schedule: When you are stressed your muscles can contract and cause a spasm, which in turn can trigger a pain.
Fix it: Going for a brisk walk or practicing meditation or yoga can provide relief for your shoulder or back pain.
Paying a little attention to these everyday habits could go a long way in preventing occasional bouts of back or shoulder pain. 



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