Hey, we’re “S10ing"


should we say “Stunning"!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering affordable and frictionless healthcare that is personalised & Hi-tech to millions of people in the planet.

Our Story

S10 SafeCare an offshoot of S10 Health started off as a network of ambulatory care clinics with a funky sports medicine & high performance center and many S10 SafeCare minute clinics. We took "Health and Wellness" to the day to day lives of individual health seekers, schools and corporates. It was awesome.

Our model of care made people feel amazing — but were hard to access at home. We needed an easier way to bring these magical elixirs to people's daily rituals...so we hit the App button!

We set out on a mission to create the most relevant, feature-rich App on the planet. Our doctors and technology experts after 3 years of experimenting with people and meticulous designing unravelled this wonderful set of SuperApps!

Here we are, buckled up for a long haul to make a meaningful impact.

Journey to Improving Lives with Deep Rooted Values

  • Passionate about what we do
  • Reliable and Responsive
  • Respect for people
  • Informed performance
  • Well-being of the community we serve